How To Register free Domain Name India In 2019

How To Register free Domain Name India In 2019

Domain names are unique identification that helps Your businesses and individuals establish their identity in the online world. People will always need a unique domain to grow your company website on the internet as it is not possible for most people to type out or remember the unique IP address of each of their websites.


Example of some domain names:


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Remember, a domain always structure of two or more parts and is always divided by a “.” dot. The 2 or more letters that occur in the end after the dot are mentioned as the “suffix”.  In the early days of the Internet more than two decennaries ago.

For instance

  • .com – meant for commercial businesses and companies.
  • .net – used for networks and was preferred by Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).
  • .org – used by non-profit organizations such as NGO’s.


Free .in Domain Name

Individuals and companies can register a free .in domain name with free web hosting from 2019. is an India based company across its head office in Chennai.

To register your free domain name with free web hosting following the steps below :

  1. Visit 
  2. Enter the domain name of that you want to book.
  3. After you enter the domain name of your choice then click on the Check Availability button
  4. If you see the message that it is available, then click on Continue To Cart
  5. Enter your personal details along with PAN No or Tin Number
  6. After you sign up you will receive message within 2 days with a unique token number and a confirmation link at the email address you provided while signing up On
  7. You can then click on the confirmation link and enter your unique token number to get your free lifetime .in domain name.

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