3 best video streaming apps and video streaming services for Android In 2019

3 best video streaming apps and video streaming services for Android In 2019

Video streaming is a Super deal. That previous cable subscription is looking except and less like a batter deal and there are now five ways to enjoy content online. Online streaming services also beat cable to 4K content Streaming, HDR content, and other future technologies. Here is our list of the best video streaming apps for Android in 2019. Please take note, availability depends on place. Some countries maybe not get some of these video streaming apps. We explain if we advise something that’s not available where you are.

  1. Amazon Prime Video
  2. HBO Now
  3. Hulu

Amazon Prime Video

Price: Free / $12.99 month / $119.99 year

Amazon Prime Video is Amazon’s video streaming service Which Provides Video Streamin. It comes included with its Amazon Prime service. That means you have get video material, 2-day shipping, some cloud storage, and music streaming material all in one. The service is upon average and includes modern touches like HDR and 4k streaming. In addition, it obtained Chromecast support in 2019, making it a must-have for video streaming apps. You can also add several contents like HBO for additional fees if you want to.

amazon prime video


Price: Free trial Month/ $14.99 (plus applicable taxes).

HBO Now is a curious case. We wouldn’t usually put just one channel’s streaming service on a list like it. However, HBO seems to have captured a wide sufficient audience with sufficient unique content to justify its placement here. It’s a bit costly at $14.99 per month with applicable taxes. However, you get unlimited access to all of HBO’s content crossways three concurrent streams. EPIX Now, STARZ, and other channels have distinct video streaming apps now as well if you want to go that route.


Price: Free trial / $5.99-$39.99 – month

Hulu is one of the best diverse video streaming apps. It has the current streaming experience with a bunch of old TV shows, movies, anime, and other material. Hulu also offers live television for $39.99 per month. The $39.99 per month price also covers regular Hulu material. That kills two birds with one stone. Their selections are fairly diverse. The service also offers over 50 channels with an option to expand that for extra money. It should work for most people. It does come with a free trial as well as.

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